Reproductive Health

The Directorate comprises of two major Departments namely:-Reproductive Health Wards and Maternal & Child Health (MCH) which also comprises of the Centre for Assault Recovery – Eldoret (CAR-E) section.

The Directorate is headed by the Director, Reproductive Health Services who oversees the overall running of the Directorate.

The Department of Reproductive Health Wards comprises of Faraja, Antenatal, Labor and Postnatal Wards whereas the Department of Maternal & Child health has the Antenatal Clinic, Child Welfare Clinic & the Centre for Assault Recovery – Eldoret (CARE).


To be the leading Multi-Specialty Hospital for Healthcare, Training and Research in Africa. 


In Pursuit of the Hospital mission, The Directorate is committed to rendering quality, efficient, and professional Reproductive Health Services to patients and other clients.

This has been made possible by ensuring;-

  1. Ensure that public services are delivered in accordance with the Constitution.
  2. Ensuring modernization of the public service by introduction of modern technologies and innovative service delivery systems
  3. Ensuring that public officers demonstrate professionalism, transparency and accountability in performing their duties and that they show courtesy, integrity and neutrality in provision of services.


The Department is mandated to:

a)   Offer Postnatal Services which include;

  • Provide immediate care post-delivery for the mother & baby.
  • Provide care & management of post delivery complications.
  • Provision of Health Education on e.g. Hygiene, danger signs of both mother and baby, immunization, Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) Schedule of immunization, STI’S /HIV, cancer screening etc
  • Provision of immediate Post partum Family Planning services and counseling.
  • Provision of Immunization Services

b)   Offer antenatal Services which include;

  • Provision of in-patient care for mothers with medical conditions in pregnancy.
  • Provision of induction for post date mothers.
  • Preparation of mothers for Elective Caesarian Sections.
  • Monitoring of mothers in early labor.
  • Counseling of mothers on Immediate Postpartum Family Planning.
  • Provision of Health Education on danger signs in pregnancy, breastfeeding, personal hygiene, importance of hospital delivery etc

 c)    Offer labor & childbirth services which include;

  • Admission of mother in labor
  • Monitoring of mother in labor.
  • Supporting child birth.
  • Monitoring mother after birth.
  • Provision of post partum contraception services.

d)   Offer gynecological services which include;

  • Provision of Manual Aspiration (MVA) services.
  • Provision of post abortal care services.
  • Conduct gynecological related surgeries e.g. total uterine hysterectomy, myeomectomy, fistula repair, explorative laparatomy etc
  • Offering of gynaeoncological services which include; radical hysterectomy, de- bulking, conducting biopsies etc


The Department is mandated to offer outpatient Maternal & Child Health Services through:

  • Provision of Antenatal Clinics; both General and High risk.
  • Offering of gynecological outpatient clinics.
  • Provision of Family Planning Services.
  • Provision of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) services.
  • Provision of Antenatal profiling tests.
  • Postnatal clinics
  • Growth monitoring and nutritional services.
  • Offering Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) services.
  • Provision of HIV care for both Mother and Child.
  • Provider Initiated Testing & Counseling (PITC) services as per the national guidelines.

Center for Assault Recovery – Eldoret (CAR-E) is mandated to provide assault recovery services through;

  • Attending to rape cases, defilement and domestic violence victims.
  • Offer psycho-social, Medical and legal support to victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
  • Conduct Sensitization on Sexual & Gender Based Violence to members of staff and the public at large.
  • Conduct home follow-up visits on the clients.   

The Directorate endeavors to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by being responsive to the client’s needs through our customer complaints handling system and to provide the highest possible quality of medical care by our highly trained Consultant Gynecologists, nurses and all the other health workers working in the Directorate.

Our Partners

  • Moi University
  • Indiana University
  • Shoe 4 Africa Foundation
  • Ampath Consortium

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