There are 3 units in Cardiology Department which comprises;

  • Cardiac Care Unit (ward),
  • Cardiac Diagnostic unit and
  • Cardiac out Patient Clinics

Cardiology department began with Cardiac clinic in 2009 in AMPATH Building. In 2012 Cardiac Patients were admitted in a four bed capacity room.  In 2013 Cardiac Care Unit progressed forward from 4 bed capacity to a 10 bed unit upon construction of a new unit through sponsorship of Duke University.


There are 3 Adult Consultant Cardiologist, 1 Paediatric Consultant  Cardiologist, 2 Medical Officer, 1 Clinical Officer, 18 Nurses, 3 Echo Technicians, 3 ECG Technicians, 5 patient Attendants, 3 Records Officers, 1 Social Worker, 1 Nutritionist, 1 Psychological Counsellor, 1 Physiotherapist, 1 Administrative Officer and 1 Office administrator.

ACTIVITIES IN THE UNIT1.    Patients with acute life threatening cardiovascular diseases are admitted and managed in the Cardiac Care Unit Ward:

The unit has 10 Cardiac Monitors, 2 ECG Machine, 3 Cardiac Defibrillator.


2.    ECHO/ECG Diagnostics Services are provided at Cardiac Diagnostic Unit.

       Echocardiography (ECHO)

      Main cardiac diagnostic modality

      30- 40 cases done daily

      There are 3 machines in the unit. I trolley and 2 portable.

      Another portable Echo machine (G/E) has just been brought back from Duke University and will be available to us upon completition of a clinical study.

      Services are also available on emergency basis out of normal working hours

       Electrocardiography (ECG)

       Treadmill testing For screening for Coronary Artery Disease


On average 350 clients adult /paediatric are on follow up every month. Adult clinics run on Tuesdays and a special clinic for Rheumatic Heart Disease on Thursdays while Paediatric Clinic on Fridays.

3.    In the month of September every year the unit joins the world in celebrating World Heart Day. The celebrations are held either in the institution or in Nandi Grounds in Eldoret town.  In marking the day sensitizations are generally conducted on preventive measures and screening of cardiac conditions i.e. hypertension, Blood sugars, weight & BMI and sensitizations on importance of enrollment to NHIF. 


The following services are offered at anti coagulation clinics

       INR monitoring for those on anticoagulants.

       Runs full time, there are 4 Pharm technologists who are supervised by a clinical

       We have seen over 2000 patients, 2/3 of enrolled patients are on active follow up in the clinic.



-          Initially there were 4 cardiac monitors in the unit, however last year September the unit received 6 more. Training was conducted by Philips Company on the use of the equipment to all nurses in the unit.


-          Nurses and Doctors in the unit get experience through exchange programme with Duke University. 3 nurses, 3 doctors ,1 Pharmacist and 1 Echo Technician have benefitted from the programme so far.


 -          The state of supplies is stable in the unit because of the CDU fund. Most of the drugs and consumable supplies are funded through the project.





       There is a shortage of Nursing staff, currently we have 18 nurses and the recommended ratio is 1-2 . there is need for 3 additional officers





The department wishes to accomplish the following in future:


1.    There are plans to start Echo programmes in MTRH Training School and we are supporting.


2.    Plans are underway for provision of Cardiac Rehabilitation Services to the Patients in the ward and those on follow ups in the clinics


3.    There are plans to establish a modern Catheterization       Lab for angiography procedures.


4.    We have plans to conduct pace making procedures in the unit.







Our Partners

  • Moi University
  • Indiana University
  • Shoe 4 Africa Foundation
  • Ampath Consortium

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