• MR.Godana Doyo




    Chair, Moi University Council

  • Dr. Wilson K. Aruasa MBS

    (Chief Executive Officer, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital,Member and Secretary to the Board of Management)




  • Constantine Kandie

  • Janet Muriuki, MD, MPH

    (Member Board of Management and Chair,Standards,Quality Assurance and Research Committee)
  • Dr. I. Odongo

    (Member Board of Management).Member/Alternate to Director of Medical Services
  • Dr. Simion Kibias

    Dr. Simion Kibias (Member Board of Management).Member/Alternate to Principal Secretary,Ministry of Health
  • Ms. Anne Mworia

    Ms. Anne Mworia (Member Board of Management).Member/Alternate to Principal Secretary Ministry of Education,Science and Technology
  • Mr Martin S.O Gumo(Member Board of management).Member/Alternate to Cabinet Secretary,The National Treasury
  • Ms. Florence Lisa

    Ms. Florence Lisa(Member Board of Management)
  • Dr. Dorah Malla

    Dr. Dorah Malla (Member Board of Management)


Grant Writing and Project Management training is aimed at increasing knowledge in a variety of areas that deal with application for grants and proposal writing. This training also provides a basic understanding of what a grant is and why it is important for professionals in the field of health to apply for grants. Learners will become familiar with practices and techniques that should be adopted to overcome the challenge of not being successful when applying for grants.

A range of different approaches have been applied to Grant Writing for the purpose of improving research and increasing chances of receiving grant awards - from developing guidelines, process improvement, feedback to large-scale and collaborative improvement. However, the range of approaches is not well understood among professionals at MTRH.       

As a result, interventions known to lead to the drafting of better proposals are not consistently practiced by grant applicants. Poorly composed proposals mean that chances of being awarded a grant are limited.

This training therefore aims to introduce learners to principles and approaches that can help them to continually improve their skills in Grant Writing. This will be achieved through understanding underlying principles of proposal Writing, and provide an overview of different approaches to improve chances on being awarded. The course will introduce a wide range of methods to improve quality of applications and then focus on process improvement after getting a grant.


By the end of the training, learners should be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by a grant.
  • Explain the specifics of a quality proposal.
  • Discuss key frameworks and principles for improving grant applications.
  • Name some of the sites from which they can apply for grants.


The course providers would like to thank developers of the Power Point slides being used in this training for their valuable work that will enhance the capacity of MTRH staff.


There are 3 units in Cardiology Department which comprises;


  • Cardiac Care Unit (ward),
  • Cardiac Diagnostic unit and
  • Cardiac out Patient Clinics


Cardiology department began with Cardiac clinic in 2009 in AMPATH Building. In 2012 Cardiac Patients were admitted in a four bed capacity room.  In 2013 Cardiac Care Unit progressed forward from 4 bed capacity to a 10 bed unit upon construction of a new unit through sponsorship of Duke University.




There are 3 Adult Consultant Cardiologist, 1 Paediatric Consultant  Cardiologist, 2 Medical Officer, 1 Clinical Officer, 18 Nurses, 3 Echo Technicians, 3 ECG Technicians, 5 patient Attendants, 3 Records Officers, 1 Social Worker, 1 Nutritionist, 1 Psychological Counsellor, 1 Physiotherapist, 1 Administrative Officer and 1 Office administrator.




1.       Patients with acute life threatening cardiovascular diseases are admitted and managed in the Cardiac Care Unit Ward:


The unit has 10 Cardiac Monitors, 2 ECG Machine, 3 Cardiac Defibrillator.


2.       ECHO/ECG Diagnostics Services are provided at Cardiac Diagnostic Unit.


       Echocardiography (ECHO)


      Main cardiac diagnostic modality


      30- 40 cases done daily


      There are 3 machines in the unit. I trolley and 2 portable.


      Another portable Echo machine (G/E) has just been brought back from Duke University and will be available to us upon completition of a clinical study.


      Services are also available on emergency basis out of normal working hours


       Electrocardiography (ECG)


       Treadmill testing For screening for Coronary Artery Disease


Cardiology out-patient clinics


On average 350 clients adult /paediatric are on follow up every month. Adult clinics run on Tuesdays and a special clinic for Rheumatic Heart Disease on Thursdays while Paediatric Clinic on Fridays.


3.       In the month of September every year the unit joins the world in celebrating World Heart Day. The celebrations are held either in the institution or in Nandi Grounds in Eldoret town.  In marking the day sensitizations are generally conducted on preventive measures and screening of cardiac conditions i.e. hypertension, Blood sugars, weight & BMI and sensitizations on importance of enrollment to NHIF. 


Anticoagulation clinic

The following services are offered at anti coagulation clinics


       INR monitoring for those on anticoagulants.


       Runs full time, there are 4 Pharm technologists who are supervised by a clinical


       We have seen over 2000 patients, 2/3 of enrolled patients are on active follow up in the clinic.



The birth of Eldoret Hospice originated from Sister Rose Abira a nurse who was working at Eldoret District Hospital, now The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH), in the year 1994. She came across a woman writhing in pain with a diagnosis of cervical cancer stage four having been discharged to go home with no indication of further support from the health care team. It is an Out Patient Facility where patients and their care givers are attended to in their homes to a radius of 70 kilometres.
Mrs. Abira approached the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret and spoke to Fr. Korir now Bishop Korir to seek support towards establishment of a hospice within Eldoret. Bishop Korir introduced her to Fr. Durr who was a guest in the diocese, visiting from Ireland.
She also talked to the Hospitals Management, and she was allowed to set up an out-patient clinic in a small room within the Hospital. Five nurses including Rose were sent to Nairobi Hospice for a five days orientation training, after which palliative care services commenced.
In the meantime, Fr. Durr assisted in raising funds that resulted in securing land and setting up a building that now houses Eldoret Hospice. The facility was handed over to the community in the year 2001. A Board was formed to oversee its running.
It consists of 14 members drawn from various fields in the community and varied professional backgrounds. All Board Members are volunteers who have dedicated their time and services to ensure smooth running of this facility.
It is this facility that began with one patient that has over the years seen over 4000 patients with cancer, HIV, renal, kidney failure and other life limiting illnesses since its inception.
The Eldoret Hospice currently has a dedicated team of 3 nurses, 1 occupational therapist, (seconded from the County Government) 1 medical doctor, 1 administrator, 1 social worker and a housekeeping staff (seconded from Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital) and the Hospice has employed 4 staff. 1 driver, 1 housekeeper, a secretary and a grounds man.
•    Out Patient Clinic
•    Home-Based Care Service
•    Day Care
•    Internship, Training/ Research and mentorship programmes
•    Provision of Medical Equipment (walking frames, beds, wheelchairs, commode, crutches, etc).
•    Cancer advocacy and awareness, free screening of mainly breast, cervical and prostate.

Event     Month     Activities
World Cancer Month    4th February    4 days free screening
Walk through Eldoret Town to Hospice to mark the day.
Family Fun fare     During Easter Holiday    Fun activities with well children and those with cancer and others with life limiting illnesses.
Childhood Cancer awareness month    9th September    Fun fare with the sick children and their caretakers.
Breast Cancer Month    October    Sensitization campaigns on Hospice services, screening and pink gala night.
World Hospice and Palliative Care Day    2nd week of October    Walk, awareness campaign, screening
Annual Charity dinner    2nd week of December    Charity Dinner
End of year party    3rd week of December    Pre-christmas party organized by the community for patients and their caregivers.
Community Screening and Campaigns    As per community’s invitation or partners request.    Sensitization campaigns and screening.
Our key partners are the County Government, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, SOS Medical Clinic, Family Health Trust, Alexandria Cancer Centre, St. Lukes Hospital Eldoret Hospital and the Community at large.
Why Support Eldoret Hospice
•    It is a known fact that Eldoret Hospice is a Charitable Non Profit Making Organization. Many people come expecting free services yet it does not have adequate income.
•    Majority of the patients seek our services or are referred to us when they are already financially drained and without money, having gone through many diagnosis and treatment.
•    Patients who cannot afford curative care are always referred to the Hospice for pain management other distressing symptoms.
•    Drugs used for cancer pain management are not readily available over the counter and are also not affordable to many.
•    Our major activity is Home Based Care. This requires facilitation through availability of a good vehicle, fuel, supply of drugs and personnel.
•    Patients who decline to undergo surgery are always referred to Hospice for Palliative Care and Pain Management.
•    Eldoret Hospice depends on support from its members and well-wishers, and the finances raised are not adequate due to increased number of patients and services.
•    We are overstretched and overwhelmed by the number of patients referred to us since we are known as a Charitable Non Profit Making facility in Eldoret.
Board Members:
1. Mr. M. Jama Madhar - Chairman
2. Mrs. Jane Nyariki - Deputy Chair
3. Mr. Tirlochan .S. Matharu - Treasurer
4. Fr. William Kosgei - Secretary
5. Mr. George .K. Karanja - Chair Finance Committee
6. Mr. Ranauta - Chair Fund Raising Committee
7. Dr. Nathan .K. Buziba - Chair medical Committee
8. Dr. Victoria Naanyu - Member
9. Dr. Zeph Gaya - Member
10. Mrs. Josephine Pohland - Member
11. Mrs. Daksh Lodhia - Member
12. Dr. Claudio Owino - Member
13. Ms. Lucy Kamau - Member
14. Mrs. Roseline Odede - Legal Advisor

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Our Partners

  • Moi University
  • Indiana University
  • Shoe 4 Africa Foundation
  • Ampath Consortium

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