AMPATH was founded in 2001 and was among the very first programs created to treat and care for HIV/AIDS patients. We are now one of the leading care programs in Africa offering comprehensive care to thousands of patients in our care. We have also grown our service to include chronic disease care e.g. Diabetes, hypertension and cancer in response to the increase of these diseases.   We work closely with the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of health to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality of care and support they need to get better. Our programs are designed to meet patient needs even beyond the clinical care. Our motto ‘leading with care’ is our assurance to our patients that their interest comes before the research we conduct and training we offer our healthcare workers. We are constantly exploring ways to create relevant response to our clients’ needs.


Counseling and testing

AMPATH offers both voluntary and provider initiated counseling and testing services for HIV. Our trained counselors go door to door and reach many through community outreach programs, testing patients and linking them to care. The earlier someone knows their status the easier it is to manage the virus in the body. Get tested today.

Care and treatment for HIV/AIDS

Our comprehensive HIV program is designed to help you live a longer and healthier life while preventing transmission of the virus. We provide care and treatment services for patients enrolled in over 500 health facilities in Western Kenya.Our clinics are open from Monday to Friday starting 8.00am and closing at 5.00pm.

Reproductive Health Services

Men and women attending clinic in our facilities can receive reproductive health services including family planning services, cervical cancer screening for women.

Prevention of Mother to Child transmission (PMTCT) services-

All HIV positive pregnant women are started on ARVs to reduce the risk of passing HIV from an HIV-positive mother to her unborn child. AMPATH has helped many mothers living with the virus give birth to healthy HIV negative babies. Let us do the same for you.

Drugs and pharmacy services

AMPATH Pharmacies dispense medicine to treat HIV, antiretroviral (ARV) medication free of charge to HIV positive adults and children enrolled in our care program. Our Revolving Fund Pharmacies in various GOK facilities serves as affordable option to buy quality drugs when the MOH pharmacy is out of stock.

Laboratory Services

AMPATH care laboratory provide a range of important tests that are required to manage your health. The clinician seeing you may order any of these tests that will be available to you: Viral Loads, CD4 counts and DNA-PCR.

Adherence Counseling

It is important that you take your medication as instructed by the clinician. If you have any challenges or concerns about your medication, talk to your healthcare provider.  They are trained to address any challenges you may be facing, so you can be sure you will be assisted without any judgment.

Nutrition Services

A balanced diet has all the nutrients that your body needs to fight HIV/AIDS. A trained nutritionist will talk to you during each visit to guide and make sure you are eating the right food. They also are trained to manage malnutrition and obesity and overweight clients until the recommended weight is reached.

Children and youth services

We know that children, adolescents and youth are a special group because they face unique challenges in this phase of their lives. Our care providers are trained to provide youth friendly services and productively engage them in constructive activities for fun and learning. We care for thousands of adolescents and youth including street children receiving HIV, diabetes and hypertension care in AMPATH.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

 AMPATH support children who have been left orphaned and/or are HIV/AIDS infected or affected. Our support includes education, protection, shelter, psychosocial support, medical care and economic empowerment.

Support groups-

Our support groups are designed to give you the support that you need to deal with the challenges faced by those like you living with the HIV virus. Support groups have helped many overcome challenges related to stigma and discrimination. You are not alone and you don’t have to be alone. There are many people who are fighting similar battles. Ask how you can join a support group today.

Food and Income security

AMPATH works with over one thousand savings and Economic empowerment (GISHE) groups, farmer groups as well as individual. They are mentored and trained on proper farming methods to for better harvest, taught income generating activities and learn life and business skills to be self sufficient members of the society.  Anyone can join these groups. Those in AMPATH’s groups have been able to provide for their families, pay school fees and save for emergencies.

Social Work Services

AMPATH social workers are trained to identify the social needs of our clients and link you up to our programs that will offer you specific help to ensure your wellbeing. The social worker may have to visit your home to fully understand your needs.

Legal Services

Our clients, men, women and children alike, are faced with many challenges that include violation of their rights such as domestic violence, rape, If at any point you feel your rights are violated or face discrimination because of your HIV status, talk to a social worker at the facility who will refer you to access legal services offered at no cost to you.

AMPATH Chronic Disease Management

The program also runs clinics to care for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease patients in some of the facilities we support. Ask your clinic staff if these services are available in your facility.

Enroll for NHIF!

We encourage all our clients to register for NHIF insurance whether you are employed or not. Medical insurance will help you receive essential treatment in the event that you need specialized care or hospitalization. Please ask our staff how you can be enrolled.

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  • Moi University
  • Indiana University
  • Shoe 4 Africa Foundation
  • Ampath Consortium

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